With Dragon Age Origins, the first thing people usually complain about is the Fade

but holy fucking shit I would play a full 60 hour game set in nothing but the Fade if it meant I wouldn’t have to go through the Deep Roads again!

I fucking hate the Deep Roads!

And one of the biggest complaints I’ve seen about the Fade is that it’s confusing to figure your way around, but maybe I have good spacial memory or sense of direction, because I’ve never really had a problem with it?

(not to mention the fact that I have played this game a metric fuckton of times, so I have pretty much the whole game map memorized at this point)

But the Deep Roads just drag on and on and ON and you can’t go any faster than a brisk jog, and even though you’re on a linear path it just twists all the fuck around itself, and there are no real short cuts, not to mention it’s creepy as fuck and just







I love this intro because it confirms Matt’s always been a friendless loser and now that he actually has people who accept him and agree to hang out with him he is going to make up for all of these lost times and we are going to have all the fun AND IT’S GOING TO BE SO GREAT YOU GUYS OH MY GOD!!! 

technically - it’s all /matt’s/ fault everything went to hell.

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